Weide beef

Black and white dairy cattle are a common feature in the Dutch landscape. But it’s a carefully kept secret that Dutch farmers also know how to breed beautiful beef cattle.

Weide beef

Improved Holstein

The cross between the Meuse Rhine Issel with the Improved Holstein is a good example. Because farmers usually allow these cattle to roam freely in the weide or pasture, we refer to them as Weide cattle. Weide beef are sourced from several farms in the Netherlands, where the herds graze in the open fields. The individual care they receive every day means they are comfortable around people and are not stressed by them. The cows are fed a high quality balanced diet of natural plant-based feed. This special diet produces a beautiful fat layer, making the meat perfect for dry aging. Only the meat from Weide cows is used. Weide beef is a socially responsible and distinctive local product.

The Dutch Weide Beef Tomahawk


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