Ocean Beef New Zealand

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, the islands of New Zealand are famed for their world-leading farmers, unspoilt land and spectacular scenery. Ocean Beef, premium grain-fed beef, is the unique product of that exceptional environment; the best grass, the best grains and fresh sea air.

Ocean Beef New Zealand

Southern Alps

For the first 18 months, the Angus cattle graze the lush, nutritionally rich pastures of New Zealand. An environment that guarantees premium quality beef. Free-range, they benefit from the temperate year-round climate that makes growing conditions ideal. The animals live in an environment that ensures the highest quality beef. The cattle are kept calm, clean, dry and above all comfortable. They have a plentiful supply of artesian drinking water drawn from deep underground, fed by snow that melts on the Southern Alps.

Ocean Beef New Zealand

High quality cereals

At 18 months, steers are hand selected for Ocean Beef using a stringent quality and safety programme ensuring only the best animals are chosen. They are moved to Wakanui Beach Farm on the shores of South Island, where they are fattened under ideal conditions for 120 days. They are fed a GMO-free, high quality grain diet (supplied by local farms). Ranchers on horseback check their health and wellbeing every day. The cattle mature in this natural environment into healthy adult animals. There is absolutely no room for growth hormones or preventive antibiotics. After grass-feeding the cattle are ready to be transported to the abattoir. It is essential to keep the distance to a minimum so that the animals do not suffer stress. The abattoir is just 8 kilometres from Wakanui Beach Farm. This adds to the animals’ welfare and the quality of Ocean Beef.

Ocean Beef Brisket in a steambun by Vlees & Co


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