Irish beef

Ireland is the country in Europe producing the best grass-fed beef. Over 60 percent of the country is grassland used by farmers.

Irish beef

Constant fresh sea air

The best grass-fed beef in Europe is raised in Ireland. More than 60% of the country is lush grassland that is used by cattle farmers. Ireland is ideally located for meat farmers. Thanks to the constant fresh sea air and the copious rainfall, the fields are verdant all year round and provide sufficient food for beef cattle. And that beautiful grass is responsible for the refined taste. Meat the way it used to taste, meat with body. The beef is produced from only true meat breeds such as the Angus and the Hereford. The beef cattle are raised on environmentally-aware and animal-friendly farms and are free to graze outside all year round. Irish beef is an absolute natural product, healthy and delicious!


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