Aussie Angus Reserve beef

Aussie Angus Reserve beef

Think about steaks and Black Angus beef immediately springs to mind. The best beef for a genuine Black Angus steak comes from Australia. In the vast pastures of southern Queensland, selected, 100% pure bred Black Angus cattle are grazing especially for Nice to Meat. Thanks to their natural plant-based diet of grass, corn and grain, the animals enjoy a natural, healthy life. The beef owes its superior quality not only to genetics but also to good animal husbandry. The ranchers work with their cattle day in day out and are rightly proud of the product they make. Breeding cattle in the Australian way takes longer and is more labour intensive, but it’s worth the extra effort.

Aussie Angus Reserve beef

Perfect dining experience

The cattle do not receive hormones, preventive antibiotics or animal-based feed and are fully traceable all the way back to the place where they were born. The Australian government’s certification system guarantees the superior quality of the beef. Meat Standards Australia (MSA) strictly monitors all factors that can influence the quality of the beef to guarantee a perfect eating experience. Thanks to the guaranteed consistent quality of the beef, consumers are never disappointed. Aussie Angus Reserve is the proud holder of an MSA Certificate.

The unique taste of Australian beef has its origins in the idyllic pastures. Bright sunshine and pure rainfall are the basis for the lush grasslands that are the herds’ daily menu. The size of the Australian continent together with the demographic and climatic variations ensure the consistent high quality of the beef all year round.

Aussie Angus Reserve beef

Biggest exporter

Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of red meat and its production is targeted largely at export markets. Australian cattle are known as the healthiest in the world. Geographical isolation is an important factor in protecting the cattle against disease. Efficient controls on the use of hormones mean Australian beef comfortably satisfies strict European standards.

Aussie Angus Reserve is delicious when prepared and served fresh but it is also an excellent choice for dry aging.

Aussie Angus Reserved Striploin


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