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The Quality Label Concept

The Quality Label Concept is Nice to Meat's USP. We have developed it in order to clarify and simplify how the meat is processed and how it can be ordered. We have divided our range into three categories:

Nice to Meat Classic Label

A label distinguishing products of good quality with a perfect price/quality level. Refrigerated or deep-frozen products from South America and New Zealand, sometimes also from Holland. Perfect products for petit-restaurants and café’s with guests looking for atmosphere and value for money rather than culinary art. All our Classic Label products are portioned and packaged to standard weight.

Nice to Meat Select Label

This label is distinguished by an outstanding quality of fresh meat, directly imported by Nice to Meat from recommended/nominated meat producing lands. Selected Irish beef, Hereford, Lamb from New Zealand, fresh poultry and the “best of the best” from Holland. Our Select Label supplies a balanced assortment of quality products where the Chef can create culinary perfection. Perfect for 4 and 5 star hotels, restaurants and gourmet bistros that serve constant high quality meat dishes, these products are portioned and packaged in all weights.

Nice to Meat Gold Label

The very highest quality specially reserved for the culinary top in the industry. The meat is distinguished from other products through its origin from animal and environmental friendly reared beef, veal, lamb, wild and poultry. All our Gold Label products can be portion ordered according to personal choice. The ‘dry-aging’ ripening process causes moisture withdrawal that results in tasty, juicer meat after cooking.

Our labels are in line with the choices to make professional chefs and buyers for their various meat dishes. All labels guarantee a carefully tested quality and professional processing and delivery according to strictly controlled, legally required hygienic conditions (IFS).