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Nice to Meat is constantly responding to changes in the market. Our ambition is to be an authority in introducing delicious new products and services for restaurateurs both inside and outside the Netherlands. We feel at home in every business that values quality: from hamburger bars and bistro pubs to exclusive hotel chains and gourmet restaurants. Meat is our profession and our passion, and we hope it will remain so for even longer than 120 years we already have behind us. A small selection from our range:

  • WAGYU beef from three continents
  • US Black Angus Beef, the best from the USA
  • Aussie Angus Reserved beef from Australia
  • MRIJ (Maas, Rhine, IJssel) pure Dutch beef from Piet van den Berg
  • Croquettes and bitterballen from Holtkamp and Piet van den Berg
  • Wieden lamb from Piet van den Berg
  • The Duke of Berkshire pork
  • Livar pork from Limburg
  • Ibérico pork from Spain
Our motto for both our specialities and our 'ordinary' meat is: The best quality at an affordable price.