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Hilton Classic Hamburger

Challenging order
Nice to Meat, together with several other international suppliers, was invited to tender for the development of a new “Hilton Classic US Burger” for European Hilton hotels. Vice President Food & Beverage James Glover at the European headquarters in London wanted to give a new impetus to the concept of “Hilton Classics”, three classic dishes that are prepared and presented everywhere according to precisely the same criteria (the Caesar Salad, the Classic Club Sandwich and the Classic US Burger).

Area Chef Roberto Giudici summarised the conditions that the new hamburger had to fulfil to guarantee that every guest in every European Hilton is assured of the same flavour and quality. It had to be the “best burger in the world”! In a series of tests judged by Hilton chefs in Paris, Prague, Cologne and elsewhere, Nice to Meat was the convincing winner in this tough competition. Mikel Pouw, Director of Nice to Meat, says of the order: “Anyone can produce 100 tasty burgers but 100,000 is a completely different matter. Nice to Meat can do it. Hilton is the only hotel chain that can offer its guests such a burger with an exclusive high standard of quality.”

The “best burger in the world”
Nice to Meat developed a hamburger from Premium Black Angus meat using the whole “chuck.” No offcuts, just pure muscle meat with no additives, herbs or e-numbers. The burger was developed in Nice to Meat's own test kitchens in Amsterdam. Large-scale production takes place at Creekstone Farms in the US. At this specialised abattoir, animal welfare is paramount and only one kind of cattle is slaughtered, the Black Angus breed.

Black Angus cattle are fed on maize. They are raised in accordance with the Creekstone USDA approved programme that records all data on breeding methods, feed, medical passports, transportation and movement. This results in an animal-friendly, sustainable breeding process that guarantees consistent quality. For the Hilton Classic US Burger, a special technique was developed to mince the meat and new pressing equipment had to be produced for the specific form of hamburger that Hilton wanted. The entire production process has been carefully specified in the Creekstone HACCP burger programme.

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