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MRIJ - Piet van den Berg

A top butcher who fattens up his own meat. Where do you fund such a man nowadays? Leading chefs at renowned restaurants have no trouble answering the question. Piet van den Berg and his Maas, Rhine and IJssel beef grace many menus. Piet's meat, as it is known in the kitchen, is synonymous for guaranteed healthy meat. And you can taste the quality. Succulent and full with a firm mouthfeel; a feast of recognition for real meat lovers. No one who has discovered the taste will ever forget it. Top restaurants can indulge their gastronomic hearts to the full. From the forequarters to the hindquarters, even the less well known parts can be prepared as red meat.

The red and white cattle that guarantee the quality that Piet van den Berg is renowned for come from Gerard de Koning farm in Berkel en Rodenrijs. Or rather, they graze "De Groenzoom" pasture lands. These beautiful animals with their healthy shiny coats are free to eat as much as they want. The fatted mature cows, under guidance of fattener Sjaak Kooter– no fat, no taste – are slaughtered when they are between three and three and a half years old. They are bred exclusively for slaughter, not for sale to others. They are slaughtered in accordance with a fixed regime in which the fattener takes each cow to the abattoir individually. On the way and on arrival, they do not come into contact with other cows or bulls. This prevents unrest and stress that would impair the quality of the meat.