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“Social responsibility” and “sustainability” are terms that nearly everyone is familiar with today. We are increasingly aware that the earth is not an inexhaustible source of raw materials. We must respect everything it can offer us if we are to leave something for future generations. The best way to do this is to become a sustainable producer. Fair Trade food and seasonal fish are good – and very successful – examples of this. It's time to take the same green approach to tasty meat. And that's exactly what Greenious does!

Greenious meat is not only of superior quality it's also sustainable. Greenious stands for meat that respects animal welfare and the environment, without making concessions to quality and taste.

A sustainable choice

We make decisions about what we eat every day. The meat on sale in supermarkets and butcher's shops has changed beyond recognition in recent years. Quality has made way for quantity. In restaurants, too, the "story" behind the meat is often unknown. That's not the case with Greenious. Greenious offers sustainable products from guaranteed sources and we're happy to tell you all about them. The Greenious logo is a hallmark for delicious meat that discerning consumers can order by name.

The guarantee of controlled animal welfare and climate-neutral processing will double your enjoyment.