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Dry aged beef

Black Angus beef
Your guests deserve the best. That’s why we advise only the finest Black Angus beef: premium quality from Creekstone Farms. Their cattle is raised in an animal friendly way and fed with a corn-based, 100% vegetable diet. This excellent and tender beef meets the strict EU standards and is USDA and NTHC certified, meaning no hormones and antibiotics are used. Your guests expect the juiciest steaks of the best quality and our Steakhouse 1-2-3 Formula is offering just that! However, even the superior Creekstone beef can be surpassed. How? By the Dry Aging technique! This special aging process is solely suitable for high quality meat with a good and even marbeling of the fat. Dry Aging is a natural process which has been discovered in a time when meat was transported in open railroad wagons and horse carts. The aging process involves a gradual dehydrating of the meat during which it looses weight and develops a crust. Creekstone Premium Black Angus beef is perfect for Dry Aging, but so is the Nice to Meat Gold Label MRIJ beef by Piet van den Berg as well as Irish beef. Steaks, striploins, Rib eye, primerib, T-bone, veal, lamb… good meat deserves a special treatment like Dry Aging followed by a professional preparation.

Nice to Meat Dry Aging Cabinet

Dry Aging cabinet Nice to Meat’s own master butcher Piet van den Berg is a renowned Dry Aging specialist. Under his supervising our Dry Aged meat ages in special aging cabinets in which humidity, air circulation and temperature are closely monitored. The fluids in the meat evaporate and the enzymes originally present in all meat slowly break off the muscular tissue. As a result the meat blackens and feels hard and dry. But when you cut the meat, the inside is bright red and incredibly tender – you’ve never tasted a more tender steak! Our Steakhouse Formula 1-2-3 implies that you order the meat from Nice to Meat. This meat has ’hung’ in our Dry Aging cells for 21 days after which the aging process will be continued in your own Dry Aging cabinet, especially designed by Nice to Meat, in your restaurant. This Dry Aging cabinet also meets all legal standards and can be made according to your special requirements.

Montague California

High speed Broiler Grill The final step in our Steakhouse Formula 1-2-3 is the preparation. Therefore you have to use an over fired California broiler grill on gas of the famous Montague brand. Montague was already producing pans and pots for pioneers and cowboys in The Wild West in 1857. A strong, heavy duty product in which renowned steakhouses in the United States put their trust. A few names: Peter Luger and Sparks in New York, Delmonico’s in Texas, Smith & Wolensky in Chicago. The fabulous Montague broiler combines cast iron gas burners with ceramic infrared waves. Perfect for the super fast preparation of meat using a temperature reaching up to 1370 degrees centigrade… a 250 grams steak is done in 2 minutes! In short: a heavy duty grill which makes you able to realize an enormous output, maintaining the optimum taste, structure and juiciness of the steaks day in day out. Every day you can count on a maximum of client satisfaction!